Quiet Times

I have a friend who I spent last night with who said something very wise whether she knew it or not. She said, "Sometimes the best times are the quiet times where no one speaks." Pretty simple in theory, but she totally has a point. You know that your friends are true if you can just sit and shut up without getting awkward. It's like there's an understood conversation going on, and one that is more important than just messing around. This is what it was like as we laid in the park together (her, her boyfriend, and me). After which it turned to dusk and they shared some romantic time by themselves while I caught fireflies. Ya, this all happened after I got ditched at the coffee shop. All in all, a pretty amazing day off. I also made some new graphics for advertising my blog! Feel free to post them anywhere and everywhere, because I'd love the advertising! Stay the way you are, because that's the way I love you best!



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