Hide and Go Seek

Hide and go seek is a totally silly game that no one over the age of ten should play... but of course, being me, I did. It was generally fun and pretty generic in the outcomes. This all led me to a deeper meaning to unravel behind the metaphor of the game. We all have the tendencies to hide our true feelings behind some facade or another. Some people want to be taken seriously, so they only do things that are considered socially acceptable and this fakeness in the end is what totally gives their weak inner hider away. Others may pretend to be happy and on the inside really feel like a hollow vast pit. Or maybe it's none of these things, but in some way we're hiding something from the world. So who's going to seek it? True love is having someone find out your flaws and telling you that they don't care. Not just the mushy kind of love as seen on any ABC Family made for TV movie, but real love that's shared between people who can bear to co-exist with each other. I want to seek out your problems. I want to be your solution. I want to be the first to show you how much you matter. If this sounds dumb than you obviously don't know me. <3!



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