My History In Loving RK

The first time I ever heard of Relient K was at summer camp where they were singing it at a camp sing-along night. Then a year later my two best friends pretty much forced me to download a bunch of their songs. I was a little uneasy at first, but as I listened to the words and their subcontext, I start to like them more and more. There has been several times when I have started to lose faith and than a Relient K song turned me back around. It's easy to believe when you hear Matt Thiessen sing. No one can deny that his lyrics are double dipped in love. In the 8th grade, I went as far to write an essay on how Matt Thiessen was my hero. That was the same year I purchased my first full RK cd which was Mmhmm. In the 9th grade I had a girlfriend who asked me to pick 'our' song. I chose a Relient K song. And this year, finally I'm going to see them in their full glory in concert! It's been a musical and happy road with me and RK.

If you like how RK sounds, try out: The Rocket Summer, Hellogoodbye, and Mae



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