Man Up and Lie


She gave me ten days to say goodbye
to man up and try
It's just that it gets so hard
because I know you are
So perfect for me and I still believe
but you've got to leave

I wanna say I love you
But i'm gunna say goodbye
I'll say I don't love you
Even if it's a lie
I wanna say I'll be with you
And I'll hold you your last nights
I wanna tell you how i feel
but I've got to man up and lie

She told me fate will only get you so far
So grab your keys and get in the car
You could sit at home and let it be fate
Or drive to me on the interstate
Come on before it's too late
I don't know how long I can wait
I swear if you love me it won't be hard


I drive on the high way
Going 95
I catch her on airplane
Just in time
I kiss her like I mean it
Before I say goodbye
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye


Goodbye, Goodbye, I lied.





In July


In July I go outside and there is the sun
And I lied when I said "I love you" I've never loved anyone
And I cried, but when I was done I was as empty as when I begun

God strike me down on my path
Let me know of your wrath
This is all that I ask
Let me feel your wrath
So I may not stray from my path

In July I'm finally alive
I'm finally a spectacle beheld
With her eyes on the horizon
She says what she felt

In the nights we go
We become our own
We intertwine in the meadows
We go on our own in meadows
As silent as those
Who sneak past their foes
We go, we go, we go

God strike me down on my path
Let me know of your wrath
This is all that I ask
Let me feel your wrath
So I may not stray from my path

We are innocent and naked in the water
We are buoyant with the beliefs of our fathers
We can do no wrong by them
We are as precious as gems
In the water

In the fall I denounce my love and claim it for a fraud
On my path I've lost my way and now cannot stand my God
I shall not make you an idol or at your feet shall I laud
As believers stomp their feet and at your deeds they applaud
I shall be punished by the deacons who will whip me with rods
God strike me down, strike me down! Now! Strike me down! Now!

In July I go outside and there is the sun
And I lied when I said "I love you" I've never loved anyone
And I cried, but when I was done I was as empty as when I begun

I've never loved anyone but I may be loved in your eyes
I've never had a decent thing to say but there is July
I've found myself in July
I've lied and cried and a scoundrel am I, but I can fly
I can fly in July with the sun outside
And I am finally alive
And I am finally alive



Rockin Releases So Far

Ok, so I've gotten some of the bands on my this year's going to rock list. I have This Providence, The Decemberists, New Found Glory, and A Day to Remember's releases. Below I will evaluate their awesomeness in order of which ones I like best.

1.The Decemberists-The Hazards of Love

The first time I listened to this I was nonplussed by it. I've been a Decemberists fan for about 4 years now and this seemed a disappointing release with a few good moments here and there. I decided to give it another listen because I thought I'd warm up to it. And boy did I. The songs are like puzzle pieces in the winding story that unfolds. While some pieces may be beautiful all on their own, It is best seen when they all slide aimlessly together forming a masterpiece. Following the harder rock trend of The Crane Wife album The Hazards of Love comes across as a Folk/Metal/Rock Opera mash up that is amazingly not as awkward as it sounds. It's my first 'gotta have on vinyl release of 2009. (I hope they release it on vinyl! *crosses fingers*

2.A Day to Remember-Homesick

I can't believe I thought that this band was screamo back when they released For Those Who Have Heart. Honestly on this release I'm now leaning towards pop punk, but it's hard to call it that with such a thundering bass and the bite of McKinnon's throaty growl. It certainly has pop punk sensibility though, complete with hand claps, group vocals, and massive hooks. On the other end of the spectrum it hits pretty hard and there are some pretty fricken sweet breakdowns included. I was sold from the first group vocals that opened the first track mimicking the heavy guitars that follow immediately after a cry of "Let's Go!". I knew right there I was going to like this album a helluva lot. And it's in no way a letdown even in it's (cringe!) ballads.

3.New Found Glory-Not Without a Fight

All pop punk bands better stop slouching and bring their A-Game, because New Found Glory (the self-proclaimed Kings of Pop Punk) have returned to the scene. They're not breaking into dance music or wearing neon either, and Pundik isn't relying on Auto Tune to make his lyrics stick. This is an NFG album. If you have ever liked them in the past, you're going to like this album. If that's all you needed to hear than feel free to stop reading. So the last album released (Coming Home) was softer to say the least than it's predecessors. It was still an amazing release and rivals for one of my favorite albums by NFG. If you thought they'd grown out of their genre and were post-pop punk, this album was their memo to you that you were dead wrong. They bring all of their talent to the table releasing some of their catchiest music yet. Don't Let Her Pull You Down is an anthem and a half, while Truck Stop Blues had me singing the chorus the second time I heard it. The only fault of the record is it is too much the same. All the NFG tactics are there, but they don't stray away from the formula much. It's ends up being a great album, just not the most memorable in their already stacked catalogue.

This Providence-Who Are You Now?

I'll start this one off negatively, just for kicks. Why would you ever redo My Beautiful Rescue? It was perfect the way it was. It didn't need to be transformed into some dance pop song. Alright, griping over. This album is definitely worth a listen, especially if you've never heard this band before. While nothing is as snarky as A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing was on their self titled release, it certainly does have it's glory filled moments. My favorite of which is That Girl's A Trick. I can't get enough of this song and it's the first one I go to if I want to be selective. The album seems to have a different feel than the last. I don't know where the Christian undertones went (maybe I'm just not reading enough into the lyrics), and they've gone more for a pop/rock approach rather than their Fueled By Ramen emo style. It sounds a lot like Santi era The Academy Is... did. Which isn't bad to say the least, but I was hoping for a step up from their self titled rather than a step sideways.

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This Year is Going To Rock!

Anyone else think that this WILL BE the year of pop punk? How can it not with all of the scene leaders pumping out albums? I don't know either. It just has to be a sign that Brokencyde and other crap bands will be stomped out with amazing releases. Here's my list of albums that I'm looking forward to (not all are pop punk).

New Found Glory-Not Without A Fight

Blink-182- TBA
Green Day-21st Century Breakdown

My Chemical Romance-TBA
Sum 41-TBA
Relient K-TBA

Against Me!-TBA
Billy Talent-III
Set Your Goals-TBA
Eve 6-TBA
All Time Low-TBA
Panic At The Disco-TBA
MxPx-On the Cover II
Matchbook Romance-TBA
Cartel-Just Us vs. All The Others (not confirmed)
Say Anything-TBA
The Mars Volta-Octahedron
The Rocket Summer-TBA
The Used-Artwork
Taking Back Sunday-TBA
Cobra Starship-TBA
Manchester Orchestra-Mean Everything to Nothing

Mayday Parade-TBA
Emery-In Shallow Seas We Set Sail
Every Time I Die-TBA
Envy on the Coast-TBA
Circa Survive-TBA
Person L-TBA
Modest Mouse-No One's Next and You're First
Brand New-TBA
The Audition-Self Titled

Ace Enders-When I Hit The Ground
This Providence-Who Are You Now?

The Decemberists-The Hazards of Love
The Higher-It's Only Natural
The Secret Handshake-My Name Up In Lights

Holiday Parade-Tickets and Pasports

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My God, My God, My God

Me and my friends all have mannerisms all different and uniquely our own
And yet when we're with each other they all melt together
My God this feels like home
Me and my friends all have adventures and go on explorations
And yet we don't need to do anything, no need for expectations
My God this feels like love

We just do what comes naturally
and naturally it comes
We don't live ephemerally
or experience doldrums
We are perfect the way that we are
And you couldn't hurt us if you tried

Racing through the streets after curfew
We know what it means to be alive
Playing dangerously won't hurt you
If you believe that you can't die
My God this feels like drugs


You couldn't hurt us if you tried
You couldn't hurt us if you lied
You couldn't hurt us if you died
Because we're so alive. We're so alive.

The summer's settling in our skin so we can keep it for winter
And in our friendship we'll glow as we huddle together for shelter
My God this feels like home.





The Preacher's son is a bxstxrd
Saturday night, he's getting plastered
Sunday morning, he's getting pastored
But he just sits there with a dead stare
Nothing soaks in, Unbelief unspoken
and he's going to hell faster and faster
every day and as much as his father prays
He's still a bxstxrd

He impregnated the cutest girl in school
By following his interpretation of the golden rule
What started with a simple bat of the eyes
Now ends in something getting baptised and circumcised
What started from a knock,knock, knock on the door ends with her knocked up
It was out of wed lock, lock, lock, it seems this time he really fxxked up


Ya he's the damned
The unholy son of Sam
He's the antichrist or might as well be
He's the congregations biggest enemy