The Preacher's son is a bxstxrd
Saturday night, he's getting plastered
Sunday morning, he's getting pastored
But he just sits there with a dead stare
Nothing soaks in, Unbelief unspoken
and he's going to hell faster and faster
every day and as much as his father prays
He's still a bxstxrd

He impregnated the cutest girl in school
By following his interpretation of the golden rule
What started with a simple bat of the eyes
Now ends in something getting baptised and circumcised
What started from a knock,knock, knock on the door ends with her knocked up
It was out of wed lock, lock, lock, it seems this time he really fxxked up


Ya he's the damned
The unholy son of Sam
He's the antichrist or might as well be
He's the congregations biggest enemy




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