If Life Is What You Make of It, I'll Make Mine a Circus

Hey, I haven't vented on here for quite awhile. Honestly, now that it's not summer, I don't have the same spirit as I did. I loathe fall, it's probably the worst season known to man. All those bright colors of life are now smeared with the muddy mush of slush. The emo in me would love it, but this year I'm not in the mood to be moody and full of gloom. This year, I want to start living the way that I want to and the way I should have been living all along. I'm not perfect by far, but I'm trying to cut the crap a little. I can be a real dick to people sometimes and I'm admittedly a very good alienator (apparently this isn't a real word, but it should be cuz it rocks. I am the ALIENATOR. I digress). A big part of me just wants to shut off my phone and listen to The Format while I read comic books. This antisocial attitude is just the terrible season getting to me I guess. For some reason seeing you favorite season just die away is really rough on you.

On that same note, on Halloween there was a monster in my yard. It was big and had gnashing teeth. It tore down my trees in the front yard leaving my home barren and alien to me. It was death on two wheels, and that's when I knew for sure that I hated fall. Usually the leaves on the trees fall off making them naked and ugly, but this year they took the whole kit-and-kaboodle. The sick part is that my parents didn't even ask me before they had a bulldozer knock out some of my childhood scenery. Ya, this season sucks hardcore.

Oh, and school? It just distracts me from my mental chi. I get headaches all the time now and I've already had 4 standardized tests. On my last ones I just gave up on the conceptual math and instead made pretty designs out of the sea of bubbles of the test sheet. I haven't really seen any of my friends either. They're busy now too. Thank God that fall leads to winter.

The sparkling wonderland filled with lights and family. Something to look forward to I guess.



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