A Real Downer


You're Letting Me Down, Down, Down
That's all I ever hear
Down, Down, Down, Everyday the same spiel
Well if I'm Letting you down so much
Why don't you lower your expectations?

It's hard to keep living up to this person you think I am
If I ever was this man, boy, I'll surely be damned
Because I can't remember a time in my life
When I was good enough
Well, you know what, I'm good enough as it is
And that's all there is
To it


I admit I've fallen off the beam
I've quit every organized team
But please don't give up on me
You don't know how much that hurts
You only make It worse
I break down with every verse

Down, Down, Down
Down, Down, Down
You're breaking me down
Down, Down, Down




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