Friendship Is A Lot Like A Beartrap

To start with, sorry for any typos. I'm at a friend's house and am using his wifi to blog off my mp3 player. Like many of my topics, this entry has to do with friends and my ever going quest to understand them. I still don't though. What turns an acquaintance into a friend? What are the qualifications and necessities of being one?
And when is it time to tell your friend that you want nothing to do with them?
I'm having some problems with a few of these questions. It's weird that so much emotion goes into just an idea. We feel the need for this idea, because we all want to be noticed and loved. But beyond that need for human interaction, would there really be any grounds for friendship? Are we all just working at selfish motives and want others to acknowledge our existence?
To all these hollow and depressing questions I have one thing to say: "Who the hell cares?" This idea is real because we made it real. It really seems to mean something because we need it to. Without friendship or love, we break down to the bleak, bare underbelly of the human mind. Which is where our society seems to be heading.
Do yourself and everyone else a favor and don't forget how to feel. Don't forget friendship.

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