The Future's So Bright

Sorry for any typos, as they are inevitable while using my archos to blog. It's late right now, and me being a nocturnal beast, I have yet to count enough sheep to lull myself into an unconscious state. So, instead, I've decided to blog. Just about some things that have been on my mind.

Youth is a privilage, a sacred blessing, and a divine excuse to be wreckless. Those who are young are often told that they should stay young because it's the best time of life. Youth often translates to beauty. The media latches on to the idea and rips it to shreds while trying to sell their crappy department store sweaters. What could possibly top ths golden age of irrespomsibility?

If you're a teen drama movie fan like me, you may have seen a little movie called The Breakfast Club. If so, you may have noted on some of the film's core themes; one of which was that your soul dies when you grow up. My immediate answer to that is, "Not if I have anything to do with it." But I do think that many people just allow their hearts to shrivel up and croak. They get so wrapped up in the monotony of their day to day lives that they forget how amazing the world around them truly is. Ya, I know, it's a little deep for someone who has been around on the planet about as long as cell phones.

After these thoughts, the next location is development. Not too difficult. Anytime an anxiety arizes or the human brain switces to co pilot due to lack of emotional response. Personally, I just try to remind myself that where I'm at is only on the road to where I want to be. It generally makes the situation seem petty compared to the big picture. The big picture isn't so much a picture as it is a puzzle built up of all the small things that make you smile. Once you notice and acknowledge those things do you begin to see the bigger picture which help keep your soul alive.

Finally, this leads to the future. For me, I know that a lot will change and opportunities will take me in directions I hadn't invisioned myself going in. With this in mind, there are only a few things that I want out of life: to stay optimistic, to be around friends and family, to be doing something with my life to be proud of, and to never ever lose sight of how much love can make a difference.



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