This Is a Poem?


Let's act just like we're normal because we both know we're not
We'll laugh because we hate ourselves but seriously we love ourselves
And won't it be so ironic? Won't the kids just be so shocked?

Well the sad thing Is we do wanna be just like them
And they wouldn't take us
So we're gunna show them we can be cool all on our own
And that's why we rebelled in the first place
And now we're gunna act just like them

Is there anyone just not trying to prove himself?
If there is, I'd surely love to meet him
But then again it's probably an act
So we want to act like we're not acting at all

If the worlds a stage then we're all the drama queens
So caught up in our roles that we forget what it all means
And What the hell does it all mean?

The coolest kids are those who don't fit in at all
Because they don't compromise or try to catch attention
Or maybe they didnt have the guts or maybe they tried but failed to catch attention
Either way they stayed the same
And will be better for it in the end

Let's act like we're normal
So we know how it feels
To act just like everyone we secretly want to be
But are too proud to let it just be
And what the hell does it all mean?



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