Man Up and Lie


She gave me ten days to say goodbye
to man up and try
It's just that it gets so hard
because I know you are
So perfect for me and I still believe
but you've got to leave

I wanna say I love you
But i'm gunna say goodbye
I'll say I don't love you
Even if it's a lie
I wanna say I'll be with you
And I'll hold you your last nights
I wanna tell you how i feel
but I've got to man up and lie

She told me fate will only get you so far
So grab your keys and get in the car
You could sit at home and let it be fate
Or drive to me on the interstate
Come on before it's too late
I don't know how long I can wait
I swear if you love me it won't be hard


I drive on the high way
Going 95
I catch her on airplane
Just in time
I kiss her like I mean it
Before I say goodbye
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye


Goodbye, Goodbye, I lied.