Olivia and Her Love: Chapter 14

There was once a house of glass
With the master of the manor being a man of
Very mysterious manners
He would glance at anyone who happened to pass
Outside his window

Yes, indeed, it's quite hard to sneak up on someone who has a house of glass
No, this gentleman did not fit the standards
But that's awful hard to do when your house is a terrible mass
Of clear sand and crystal, oh so brittle

The fiances had now spotted the house and the gentleman inside
For who could miss him in his crystal abyss
Of tears freshly cried

The couple said that they were tired from the trip
And the master of the manor promised to keep good fellowship
"And apart from having quirks everything in the house works,"
He assured them, "And as a house it's quite alright."
So the couple said they'd stay, if only for the night

The master was actually good with confrontation
Except that mid conversation
He'd break out in tongues
He said that they were special blessings from the Lord, that built up in his lungs
"And besides some of my quirks, I'm still in my right mind"

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you seem to be a really nice guy...may i know your name?..by the way, i'm elle:D(and thanks for viewing my blog) you're blog is really nice too:D

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hi elle. my name is matthew, it's nice to meet you. thank you for liking my blog, it's my baby!

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