Olivia and Her Love: Chapter 13

This chapter holds quite a fateful number
An Omen, a curse, that predicts future blunders
and in this case it is much the same
But for the young man and his bride to be
Luck has seemed never to agree
And it seems that there's always a cloud of rain
And when there's rain, there's thunder

After spending tender moments by the shore
They vowed never to see this town anymore
They could only do damage by staying
But in leaving they've done worse by far

With the night about and the lantern fraying
As they left the town, they'd leave a scar
The man took out a candle
And then took out a match
Thew that at his feet
Which was more than the dry leaves could handle
Because instantly they started to catch
And out of them was to hatch
The small town's defeat

The couple vowed that as they left they wouldn't look back
But if they had they'd see the town lit
By them not wanting to hurt the people they charred them black
And neither of the two knew a bit
That as they walked out of town, it was on fire along with every person in it

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