Olivia and Her Love: Chapter 12

So Olivia and the boy with a shark for a hand
Had now devised a needed plan
To move away from all the people who didn't understand
So they didn't have to maim
Everyone who wanted to see them apart
And it would be the same
Because when your in love, you never have a change of heart

For now they needed to be out of reach
So they decided to go to the beach
Where they first laid eyes on each other
And where the boy had won the girl over

"Sweet Olivia, no one thinks that we should be
But you're still here with me
Darling Olivia, I've had to kill most of your family
But you didn't abandon me
Dear, Dear Olivia, I have something on my mind
And the words are kind of hard to find
When I've said my peace, I'm sure you'll see
Why it was so hard for me."
Then the young man got on one knee
And took out a crystal from the see
It was attached to a golden band
Which he slip onto her ruby hand
And said finally,
"Olivia, my dear, will you marry me?"

And of course she said yes and started to cry
And as the sun set behind them and larks flew by
They shared a kiss that didn't finish until the sun was gone beneath the sea

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