Olivia and Her Love: Chapter 10

WARNING!! this chapter is VERY disturbing/violent. Read only if your stomach can stand it.

On the way to the morgue was whence
The father got his cumupence
Even though it was grim, his corpse hadn't had enough karma yet
And this is about as violent as it gets
But the father's body had fell out of the back
Of the ambulance and was under attack
By wolves who's cold eyes were deep and black
And who ripped the father limb from limb
Casting his innards whilst splaying him
I'm sorry, but I warned you it would be grim

His blood flowed down the rocks as birds pecked his motionless face
Even the maggots had come to get a taste
It seemed that all the animals had assembled
To poke and prod and rip through his flesh
Till all that was left was a ghastly mess
Of hair and bones and sinew
If you say it, you wouldn't eat for a week, I bet you
And in this pile of decaying mush
I admit that there wouldn't be much
To keep anyone up at night
Or haunt anyone's life

It was quite humiliating I'm sure you can appreciate
Made worse, because all the animals chose to defecate
All of the father that they'd digested
Back on the pile of pulp and then left it
What a graceful way to decay

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