The Unsung Ballad of the Late Night Fast Food Worker

Ok, so I work at a certain local fast food restaurant chain and we always get p'wnd by customers especially late at night. The later it is at night, the more demanding the customer is... So I wrote a snooty tune.

it's 2 minutes to close and you insist on getting food
i'm close to leaving so i don't really care if i'm rude
i said "lady, why don't you come back later."
and thought, "god, what a dopehead."
then she said "why not now, you're still open.
so don't you give me any attitude.
i got kids in the backseat
they're crying cuz they wanna eat
now we're really willing to pay
so can we please just have it our way?"
which made me think, "what kids have an appetite
at fricken' 11 o'clock at night?"

customers, ya you! you can be mighty inconvenient
when i just wanna go home and sleep
i got dishes to wash and everythings put in the freezer
and those garbage cans are looking steep
so if you please, get the heck outa here
i don't wanna here drive-thru beep!

you might think i'm pretty selfish, but you try working everyday
for minimum wage
with morons who don't know how to pronounce what they want
and then they get pissed when you make it for them all wrong
try slipping on grease in my shoes
see how well they fit you
as for me i'm gettin pretty sick of it
just til the end of summer i swear, and then i'll quit

i tell the people at drive to politely screw off
and instead they decided to pull up
and to my dismay and utter shock
it turned out that i just ran out of luck
i guess now i don't have to quit
because the people at drive were the boss and her kids

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