Olivia and Her Love: Chapter 4

After falling in love
One must realize sacrifices must be made
And for both of them debts would have to be paid
For Olivia could touch nothing without pain
Felt brisk
And seeing as the boy had a shark for a hand, this was
A terrible risk
But he said poetically and unnervingly realistically:

"I love you but I have a shark for a hand
I can't save you from the swallowing quicksand
Of our lives, and as hard as we try
You'll always be fried, and darling,I'll always have a shark for a hand."

But that didn't stop their love
Which could never be broken
And they grew closer together despite both having
Doubts unspoken

They would stay in her room on days without gloom
And laugh and laugh and play her phonograph
And when she would use it
It played such beautiful music
That they would close their eyes
And not laugh, but grow very serious
Olivia said that the string section was close to her heart
And the boy said it reminded him of the lark
And after that they'd stay quite quiet
And listen to music and immerse themselves in it
It was the most beautiful times of their lives
They were meant to spend this time togoether
Two birds of a feather of a very romantic lark

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