Olivia and Her Love: Chapter 1

Olivia and her love is an epic poem that I am slowly but surely composing. ya, there's LOTS of chapters to it. but here's the first!


He was born with a shark for a hand
His parents had a name for him, but they forgot it by ten
What a tender age
With the extra baggage
Of an appendage
So unruly and ravage
He joined the scouts as a tenderfoot
But he scared all the boys and bit through all the knots
But he was growing up, and for him all was not lost
Not by a mile

Olivia was born on a hill in the Serengeti
Up there her mother wsa to bear and it was ready
But as she was having the child
Her labors grew wild
And she kicked her husband off of the hill
After which he had a terrible spill
After birth the mother got ill
And soon she grew very still
Leaving the orphaned baby to crawl
Through the rough sun filled Serengeti
and already her skin was reddening
The desert was no dessert and in fact quite deserted she learned
So poor Olivia had no shelter from the sun which sweltered and caused her skin to burn
But a nice family in flight school saw her laying in the sun
And that's how it all begun

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