Paint By Numbers

k. this song is dedicated to any emo kid who thinks they're a rebel (aka hypocrites)


I wish I could paint by numbers but I can't stay in the lines
I wish I could be a puppet but I can't be bought and sold
Why would I dress all dark when the world needs a little sun?
I wish I could step through this battlefield without stepping on the mines
I wish I could be like jell-o but I can't stay in the mold
Why do we take ourselves seriously when the world just needs a little fun?

I'm a story book rebel
I won't play with your play doh
Just because you ask me to
Who's making your decisions?
Shouldn't It be you?

Shout! Because I told you to!
Rebel! Because it's what the cool kids do!
Simon says pick your nose
Trip yourself on the garden hose
The only decision there is is his
So everybody throw yourselves off a bridge


Well maybe I'm a rebel in my own way
By not being a rebel and following the trend
Wait is that technically a rebel?
If rebelling is what everyones doing, whose rebelling against being a rebel? someone who fits in?
let's just have a little fun!


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