Olivia and Her Love: Chapter 2

The family in flight school lived in America
And they took Olivia there because
They felt compassion for such a child
They did not though understand
What happened to her parents
For their corpses were lost in the sand
Lying together with their mouths filled
With sand and their bodies wrapped in one another
Underneath the hill, lying for an eternity still
Fourteen was a tender year
More tender for her I fear
Because poor, sweet Olivia
Still had the sunburn head to toe
And ear to ear
A constant reminder of her parents lost and dear

But her life was good now
She had love from family and friends
And apart from having very sensitive skin
She had as normal a life as one could hope to spend

Unlike the boy with the shark for a hand
Whose life wasn't going as planned
He was fifteen and
His days weren't as grand
And no one could understand
The boy behind the shark hand
That is until he met Olivia with her ruby skin
And the next chapter in his life would begin

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