"This Is Me Saying Words I Actually Mean"

The title of this post comes from a song by The Rocket Summer called 'A Song Is Not A Business Plan'. I just listened to that song and like every time I listen to Brice Avary, it made me think. Sincerity is so rare anymore, because everything has been done before and now everyone is just repeating the same worn out ideas. And who wants to take the time to be honest and true anymore when you can just get instant success on youtube? We seem to mess up our lives by over complicating things because we're afraid of being judged for who we are. Ya, I know, a little preachy coming from a 16 year old high schooler working at a fast food restaurant. If you feel like being original but don't know how, a great place to start is by watching the movie Garden State. The first time you might not get it, but for me the second time it really sunk in. Everything we do anymore is to try to get away from our real selves. And once you just stop living for false idols and fantasy ideals, it hits you: I'm alive and I don't have forever to be that way. These feelings seemed to all be intertwined with summer for me, which is a good thing because that's the current season. So if I haven't given you enough recommendations yet, I suggest you read the book Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. It's all about youth and summer and is magic start to finish. No one is reading this anymore. Bubblegum Sandwich! I hope you enjoyed that treat, you deserved it for reading this whole post even though you have a busy life. Thank you for your time. PEACE!



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