Olivia and Her Love: Chapter 5

Now not everyone thought this bond practical
Olivia had a brother with a plot
To foil the couple with every chance he got
because he wanted all this foolishness to stop
his sister was fragile and all the while
This dangerous boy was trying to get her hot
"She doesn't need that," he thought
"Because she'd already be burned once
and once was enough"

After months of trying to split them up
Things took a devilish twist
He got the keys to his father's pick up truck
And said, "I'm sorry it has come to this"
Murder is never the answer to choose first
Because it rips things apart and makes them hurt worse
But when someone's trying to run you over
There's not much time to think
The boy with a shark for a hand had one last plan
To sink the truck in the big drink
So he ran to the dock with the truck on his heals
And it chased him right off the dock
wettening the wheels
The machine has sunk like a rock
And the brother never surfaced
Olivia stood horrified on the beach as her true love came out of the sea

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