Olivia and Her Love: Chapter 6

At this point and time, You've probably started to wonder
What happened to the parents of utter blunder
What happened since they left their child in thunder
On the streets with a shark for a hand
They had forgot his name by ten
But they had abandoned him long before then
Crying but alive
Lost in the streets of Chicago
Where was he to go
At the tender age of five?

After leaving him there they moved to Wyoming
To cover themselves in the sweet smelling spring
And forget their son was alive
They used to keep a scrapbook
They barely used that
They'd hardly ever take a look
And eventually left it for scrap
With pictures of their sorry lives
And the young boy before five

The father of the child became a miner
And the mother of the accident couldn't have felt any finer
The saddest part is in pretending that they never had a son
They never did and he wasn't so
So they couldn't let him go
Because he was already gone and went
Nothing but a ghost
And all the money they gave him, he went and spent
On a ticket to the coast
To one day meet his darling Olivia

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