Olivia and Her Love: Chapter 8

But dreams can sometimes be a mirage
And they don't always go unsabotaged
By those we used to love
Who start to push and shove
Because they're jealous, even of a young man
Whose life had already been beaten
Because of his abnormality, aka the shark hand
Which, who could forget?

The father? Yes, the father of Olivia!
He has now wormed his way into the plot
After the death of his son he'd been stewing away his days
In the basement with a shotgun, his eyes ablaze

[Knocking at the front door]
"God, that boy is back again
Always wanting more
Leading my baby to bed, even though her skin is red
I'll blow off his goddamn head!"
That was his inner monolauge, his plot to rob a life from a young man

He snuck to the attic for a birds eye view
Of the boy who was knocking
"This bullet, my boy, will be the end of you."
But just then, his daughter burst in
With her crimson skin
And correctly in fact stated
"You're no father of mine, and you'll always be hated."

This was an outrage
How dare she put him through this sufferage?
So in his bout of anger
He went and did something terrible
He pushed his daughter
He pushed her
And she fell
Reddened and battered
At the feet of the young man with a shark for a hand....

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