Olivia and Her Love: Chapter 9

This chapter starts where the last left off
With the boy in the doorway and Olivia fallen from her loft
She screamed and writhed before fainting from pain
From atop the stairs with his gun full
Of bullets and pointed at the young man's skull
This ending could not be soft

"You've meddled enough, boy, look what you've made me do!"
With these words the father's anger grew
Into a crazed yell from the bowels of hell
Where the demons take turns devouring you

Now most people didn't know that in reality
The shark hand had a personality
But it certainly did and it's only moods
are bitter, unruly rage and how to get food
And in both thes cases the father seemed fit
The shark's intentions became clear as it chewed at the bit
Spewing saliva in buckets of spit
Rage is like a bucket and when it's full it spills
That's why the father's face had grown wild
And his lips curled up into a twisted smile
And he kept this expression all the while
The shark hand bit and bit and bit
Tearing out the father's throat
And in one last cry he screamed,
"I hope I keep you up at night and never let you dream!"

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