I want to do so much for you
I want to make you proud
But when you've done all that you can do
Sometimes the only step to take is down

What do you want me to say?
Do you have to smother and damn?
The magic just went away
at the end of the day
Could you just let me be what I am?

This is me, honestly
Maybe I'm not meant to be great
Don't you see, this is me
It's not up for debate
Won't you please, forgive me?
I'm sorry I'm second rate
But this is me, honestly

I can't do better than this because this is all there is
Maybe I'm not supposed to be the best or even who you are
Can't you just take me for what I am?
After I've fallen so far

It's not right, but who am I to say who's right or wrong?
We don't honestly know, so we try to play along
I've done my best for you
Take it at face value



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