Olivia and Her Love: Chapter 11

I hope that last chapter didn't turn you off
Or make you sick
Too much that you stop reading this
Well If you're still here with me
I have plenty more for you to read
And I promise It won't be as bad as that

The boy with the shark for a hand put a muzzle on up to his wrist
Because hurting Olivia was a risk
When he had to carry her to the hospital
If her father hadn't have pushed her
This wouldn't have happened at all

Olivia slept sound in the hospital bed
Her skin was cracked and extra red
And dark bruises were showing up
At least she wasn't dead and nothing had broke
When she finally awoke
Here voice so soft that only the boy heard when she spoke
"What happened?" she questioned
The boy told her and said
"I'm sorry but your old man is dead."
She said back in a voice covered in black
"Don't even bother, that man was not my father."
And they stayed quiet after that
like all the sound in the world couldn't answer their questions

Who else would have to die before these two could be happy and alive?

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