Take That Former Employer, Your Past Employee Just Became a Destroyer

You know how awesome it feels to have the last laugh. I don't recommend it, because it's particularly nasty and not very nice, but getting revenge is quite satisfying. I just ate at Taco John's after close and winked at a former co-worker that treated me like shh-(watchu say?!). It was my dad's idea because I recently got "fired" from Taco Magina's for no apparent reason except the management switched. But I warn you, you might accidently bite your tongue if you have the last laugh while your being tongue-in-cheek. But the blood that came from that mixed with the taco meat and I soon forgot about it while I was enjoying my sweet sweet victory over a crappy job and sucky, drunk, drug enduced, sexually active, a-hole co-workers who called me their bxtch and made me do extra work. I might just be dining at Taco OurFoodMakesYouTasteLikeADogThrewUpInYourMouthAndOldFartJuiceLeakedFromYourGreatUncleLouie'sAnalCavityOntoYourTongue's all week long.



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