Revenge is a Meal Often Followed With Humble Pie

If you remember this little post
that I was feeling quite the victor of my previous job during, you'd probably note how entirely cocky I was during the who 'revenge' thing. Ya, well, cumupence has been served on a hot plate with beans and guacamole. See, my dad's the one who convinced me to take pervasive action on the late night vengeance filled dining, but he then a week later groveled to the manager to give me a job. Ya, I don't know, I don't get it either. Point being, I'm back working at the place I thought I had rid myself of, and I'm going to be closing with that lucky person I screwed over for a night. Greeeaaat. But I'm never one to complain and I'm sure that I can work through this and eventually be a winner at last. Hey, at least the hours are good.



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